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A New Preservation Focus


Important Announcement

Greetings to you all.

Over the past 3 years, we have worked tirelessly to preserve RSC and to bring you a playable recreation. Now the team of OpenRSC realizes there's something much more important to preserve: our planet's wildlife.

We will be ceasing work on the project immediately in order to advance this new preservation goal. We will all be flying to Brazil shortly, to face head to head with loggers & arsonists of the Amazon Rainforest. The servers will remain online, but we will not be able to update them as much due to our new commitment of preserving wildlife.

Thanks for understanding & for the years of good times.

— All of us at Open RSC

In other news

  • We will be hosting Easter events on the RSC Cabbage and RSC Preservation servers on April 4th.
  • We are now a registered organization on the Freenode IRC network. Discord chat is bridged to several channels. Join #openrsc on freenode if you'd like to avoid Discord.
  • Woodcutting success rates are now authentic.
  • RSC235 protocol support is out of beta.
  • More patchnotes for the past 2 weeks are available on Discord.
— Logg

Bank Note Removal and
Fishing Rates Update


The day is here!

Today is the date that we promised to remove Bank Notes from the server. This has been done today, as promised. You are still able to deposit notes into your bank, and you can even sell noted items to general stores, but you cannot make new bank notes, drop them, or trade them.

As stated in the New Years Day post, any noted items in players inventory still remaining after about 2 years will either be deleted or deposited into player's banks manually.

In other news

Fishing success rates are now authentic to what they were on the original RSC server. This is a major step forward for the project, and you can expect to see more skilling rates adjusted in the near future.

For more information on what exactly about fishing changed, you can read my summary here, and the exact code implementation can also be read there. In general, it seems that the success rates in OSRS have not changed since RSC, with a few exceptions. Through careful examination of RSC+ data and RSC botting screenshots, we were able to implement fishing rates of unprecedented accuracy in Open RSC. Without exaggeration, fishing rates are now within 0.5% accuracy of what they were originally and in many cases should be exactly what they used to be.

Before this update, the old RSCL implementation gave you two rolls when fishing at a spot with two different fish, and the rates for each were higher than authentic as well. This was suitable for an enjoyable private server experience, but not suitable whatsoever for a replica preservationalist server.
— Logg

"Botting Permitted" Servers Launch


Exciting news today, we are launching two new servers:
RSC Uranium and RSC Coleslaw! These are permanent servers where users are allowed to bot without fear of having their accounts reset. Macroing or use of bots is permitted, and exploiting bugs is also permitted, as long as your disclose your knowledge of each bug in our bug tracker.

RSC Uranium is running the RSC Preservation configuration, and it very closely mirrors the original RSC server. Popular botting software such as aposbot would be compatible with this server, if someone pointed the client at it.

The RSC Coleslaw server mirrors the RSC Cabbage configuration, with all the same custom content.

These servers are not Lawless "Anarchy" servers!

All the normal Honour, Respect, and Security rules still apply. We especially want to make it clear that we do not permit users to real world trade, break any real-world laws, and you must respect your fellow humans (or bots, as it were), the same as our other servers. Additionally, it is considered against the rules to swap currencies between any botting permitted server and our main RSC Cabbage/Open RSC servers.

We have several goals and hopes in launching these servers:
  1. We hope these servers will be enjoyed by those ~95% of players online who were botting during the real RSC era. Botting was a huge part of RSC and its community once JaGeX stopped supporting the game, and it can be a valid way to gain enjoyment, even though it is not the intended experience.
  2. We hope that we can provide a playground for fledgling programmers, to use RSC as an educational tool to help advance your skills. Players are encouraged to write their own scripts.
  3. We hope that launching these servers will serve as a deterrent to botting on our other servers. If you are caught botting on our RSC Preservation or RSC Cabbage servers, all your accounts will be banned on all servers, including RSC Uranium and RSC Coleslaw.
The servers are online now and can be joined once you update the Open RSC Launcher. Information on the server connection details for 3rd party clients follow:

RSC Uranium (authentic 233+ compatible server):
  • IP:
  • Port: 43235
  • RSA Public Key: 7112866275597968156550007489163 6857375282675847799596177599015830418647870 784778766890034225090993538050151777036707 15380710894892460637136582066351659813
  • RSA Exponent: 65537
RSC Coleslaw (RSC Cabbage config server):
  • IP:
  • Port: 43599

On Notes and Rab Certs


It has been two weeks since this poll was opened. A super majority of players would like to see no Rab certs on the OpenRSC/RSC Preservation server.

I'm glad for this, since it will mean a more authentic Preservation server. Sorry to those who enjoyed using Bank Notes or were excited by the idea of Rab certs. The concept of Rab certs may still be developed as an interesting concept at some point, but I don't see that it would be enabled on any of the servers that we run.

Notes will be removed as planned in the newspost from January 1st, but now Rab Certs will not replace them. We are allowing you 2 additional weeks to use Bank Notes on the Open RSC server, to organize your banks, or to move items between accoutns. Those paying attention to the poll 2 weeks ago would have quickly seen that it didn't look like Rab Certs were going to pass, so this is basically 1 month notice.

The creation of Bank notes, and the ability to trade them will be disabled on the Open RSC server on February 15th. Bank Notes will of course continue to be available on the RSC Cabbage server.

2020 Year in Review and
The Future of Open RSC


Happy Near Year 2021 from the Open RSC staff!

We ended last year with the release of Open RSC 4.0.0.
We are now up to version 5.6.1, with each intermediate version bringing important and noticeable enhancements and bug fixes.

On the RSC Cabbage server, 2020 saw the release of the Harvesting skill, improvements to Runecrafting, the Dragon 2-Hander, Dragon Scale Armour, the Dwarf Rescue miniquest, Pizza bagels, Skill capes, and numerous QoL improvements.

Overall though this year, development has been mostly focused on providing continued bug fixes to bring the base server more in-line with the authentic 2018 RSC server.

The most exciting advance in this direction has been (in my biased opinion), support for the server to communicate using the RSC235 protocol. This has allowed us to use RSC+ to connect to the Open RSC server, which means that the full suite of tools used to preserve the original game are now available to be used in examination of the Open RSC server. As well as this, the RSC+ client has improved the gameplay experience for players by reverting some of the inauthentic client changes that were made back when the pre-Open RSC private server base was designed.

As a consequence of this, we have seen more authentic sleepwords enter the base, and we have begun fixing timing issues with various actions such as firemaking, thieving, jewelry crafting, and even with issues deep in the framework. We also noticed that various objects/scenery were misplaced in Open RSC, and have since fixed them.


As we continue bringing Open RSC more in line with the authentic server, there’s one sore spot that makes Open RSC look like an uninspired RS2 influenced private server. And that’s bank notes.

As long as bank notes are supported, we are making a conscious decision to purposely allow inauthentic content on the server. This conflicts with our stated goal of providing the most authentic RSC experience that we can. It also deters people from playing on our server, because bank notes are aesthetically an ugly blatant marker of willful disregard of the mechanics of actual RSC. We wish to avoid this (perhaps accurate) perception in the future.

New "RSC Preservation" server fixes everything?

Initially, we intended to resolve this with the RSC Preservation server, a new server that should only be released once we are confident that all XP gaining actions in the game are as authentic as can be known with the data that we have.

However, the process of preparing RSCP has dragged on for years, and despite the great strides we’ve made this year, RSCP does not seem to be near completion, pending individual assessments of all timings related to skilling actions, more engine fixes, analysis of NPC pathing behaviour, analysis of collected data regarding skilling success rates, drop table audits, and the implementation of a login server.

Releasing the RSC Preservation server before making absolutely certain that all XP/hr actions are kosher would be a mistake, since it will split our community, and not accomplish the goal of providing a fresh start to our database, one without data from players who benefitted or were hindered by past bugs.

In the meantime, we only offer the RSC Cabbage server (a type of God-Mode re-imagining of RSC that makes the game faster to play, as well as adding numerous QoL and custom content) and the Open RSC server. The Open RSC server currently implements Bank Notes, Quick Bank, and Quick Trade, but there has been no other willful custom content/QoL in that game.

Despite the Quality of Life updates being very limited, Bank Notes have been ugly enough to deter large swaths of people from joining our community. This is unfortunate. Additionally, we have no idea when RSC Preservation could be considered ready. To resolve this, we are going to start transitioning the Open RSC server into what was originally conceived as the RSC Preservation server.

Challenges in transitioning

A major motivator for NOT doing this was in order to have a hiscores list untainted by previous inauthenticities in the base. However, we can accomplish the same thing without splitting the community by simply considering all accounts created before the “RSC Preservation” release date as “Veteran Accounts”.

Non-veteran accounts will have their own separate hiscores as previously imagined, but an additional “Veterans” hiscores will be separate and include all accounts. Functionally, this is not different from having an RSCP server with their own separate hiscores with the knowledge that all accounts in the hiscores have gained their XP with integrity using authentic actions only. It has the advantage though, that it will boost server population & it will prevent an unnecessary split within our already small community.

Other than scuffed hiscores from ancient bugs, there is actually very little separating the concept of RSCP from Open RSC, but there are differences that we would have to overcome:

Problem 1)
The Open RSC server only has one world. The RSCP server is planned to have at least 5 worlds. Having more worlds may devalue previous accomplishments, since respawn rates of various resources are increased linearly with how many worlds there are, which in turn increases XP/hr.

Solution 1)
We therefore would offer the option to prevent your account from switching worlds until the player has been logged out for at least 12 minutes. This limitation could be removed at any time, but would mark your account as a “Veteran World Hopper” instead of just a “Veteran” account. Veteran World Hoppers would be on the same Veterans hiscores but with that marker applied.

Problem 2)
The Open RSC server implements Bank Notes. Bank Notes are ugly and inauthentic for an RSC server, but the certificate system was described by JaGeX themselves in 2004 as “Tedious” and “Horrible” (see!)

Solution 2)
If Open RSC is to be merged with RSCP, Bank Notes must go. The sooner this can be done, the better, in order to repair our server’s perception of being an uninspired RS2 clone. This may upset some veteran players, since they are used to the system, but we will instead offer a system that is more thematically correct for an RSC server: the ability to withdraw and deposit certificates from the bank. More information on this is below.

Problem 3)
Quick Bank & Quick Trade are enabled, but these are not authentic.

Solution 3)
This is not nearly as big of a deal as Bank Notes, since Quick Bank & Quick Trade do not affect interactions with other players. We can simply allow veterans accounts to continue Quick Banking & Quick Trading. There already exists a “QoL opt-out” mode if players would like to restrict their own ability to Quick Bank and Quick Trade. Accounts created after the release of "RSCP" would be opted out of this ability by default, but could possibly be allowed to opt into it, voiding their eligibility to be on the non-veteran's hiscores.

Problem 4)
Bank pins are enabled, but this is not authentic.

Solution 4)
We can disable the ability to create bank pins per-user if truly desired. This would be enabled by going to the banker & saying “I’d like to talk about bank pin” then “I never want to talk about bank pin again ever”. This would trigger a dialogue wherein the player explains that they really prefer not to have inauthentic banker dialogue presented to them.

Problem 5)
Global chat is enabled, but this is not authentic.

Solution 5)
We already offer the ability to completely opt-out of global chat, by removing the “Global$” friend from your friends list. Global chat if used offers no gameplay related benefits. Additionally, a type of "Clan chat" is already implemented entirely client side with RSC+, through the use of Twitch chat integration. Global chat (for all RSC+ users) was implemented in 2016,[1] but not released due to concerns that it could not be moderated effectively.

Problem 6)
We have introduced Presents, which are a usually unobtainable holiday item.

Solution 6)
We will continue dropping and deleting Presents each year until such time as it is deemed impermissible, which would be when RSC Preservation is considered “ready”, and non-veteran accounts start being created. Luckily, pretty much everyone around when Presents were voted on seemed to agree that deleting Presents after the winter event has passed is a good idea, so they won’t really actually affect the concept of the RSC Preservation server. It will continue to just be a “fun event”, unlike traditional rares, until RSC Preservation is ready.

Bank Notes vs Certificates

To begin addressing Problem 2 above, first of all, what are the differences between Notes and Certificates?
  1. Certificates can only represent items in multiples of 5. If you had 14 of an item e.g., the best you could compress it to is 2 certs and 4 additional items.

  2. You can only interact with certificates by talking to a “certer”, who is usually located near a bank, but not directly inside of it.

  3. Notes can be applied to nearly every item in the game, with few exceptions. Certificates however, are limited to only the following items. If the item is not in the list below, it cannot be made into a certificate. This will not change when bank notes are removed.
  • Swordfish
  • Raw swordfish
  • Lobsters
  • Raw lobsters
  • Bass
  • Raw bass
  • Sharks
  • Raw sharks
  • Iron ore
  • Coal
  • Silver ore
  • Gold ore
  • Mithril ore
  • Iron bar
  • Silver bar
  • Steel bar
  • Gold bar
  • Mithril bar
  • Willow logs
  • Maple logs
  • Yew logs
  • Super attack potion
  • Super defense potion
  • Super strength potion
  • Restore prayer potion
  • Dragon bones
  • Limpwurt roots
When Jagex said that Certificates were “Horrible” and “Tedious”, they were not wrong. In the later years of RuneScape Classic, it became very common to see a “certer bot” traveling between Miles/Niles/Giles and undertaking the hours long process of converting raw materials into tradable resources. Players were able to use a “certing bot” to remove the tediousness of certificates.

I imagined that we might similarly support a type of “fake player” that would travel between the bank and the certing NPCs that would do the “dirty work” of “botting certs” as an officially supported option on the RSC Preservation Server, so that the player would not have to actually run a botting client in order to make certificates into a usable system. Another possibility was to force the player to stand inside the bank as certificates very very slowly get withdrawn from the bank.

However, I think those kinds of system are hacky, tedious, and unnecessary. We will instead offer this kind of system (shown in the image below), as originally conceived of by Rab very early in RSC’s development, at the same time as Andrew’s certificate system, in 2001.

Rab's Certificate concept

Rab’s system allows the user to directly withdraw & deposit certificates from the player’s bank. This should completely remove the “Tedious” and “Horribleness” of certificates. I believe this inauthentic addition to Open RSC is permissible since a similar effect was already possible on the authentic RSC servers by simply running a bot client over-night to automatically cert/decert, an action which was never punished post-2006.

The objectionable part of Notes in Open RSC isn’t that they made trading large quantities of items possible, it is that they did it with an aesthetically incorrect method that also allowed every item in the game to be mass-traded. Mass-trades are authentically possible through the use of certing bots, which is the primary justification behind this (conceptually authentic) system being implemented.

"I enjoyed using Notes to sort my bank"

Even though we will still allow these limited number of items to be quickly converted to a mass-tradable form, there is an additional use for Notes in Open RSC: They allow your bank to be sorted.

Now, RSC+ actually already has a method to SEARCH your bank, and it was even used on the authentic server. But we could additionally add the ability to SORT your bank entirely client side. Players who care about a clean bank would be able to use the RSC+ client and sort their banks from there.

This leaves only one limitation, which is that it is possible in RSC to accumulate huge amounts of items in your bank and then at a later date, you might decide that you no longer desire that item anymore. We would offer an inauthentic
command, which allows you to delete an entire stack of a specific item from your bank, if the stack is infeasibly large. This addition should be seen as harmless, since it is an opt-in feature that mostly hurts the player in my opinion, and it is completely transparent to users who don’t want to think about this feature existing. Other players should not be affected by someone deleting their own bank items.

Afterword on Rab's Certs

To provide the most authentic 2018-era RSC server possible, it is obvious to not include Rab Certificates. Realistically though, Certs were a flawed system only used as a stopgap for a couple of years until bank notes could be created in RS2. They were used at a time when most players did not know what they were doing. The Open RSC server does not allow botting and never will, but authentically, the user would have been able to create certs without much effort in 2018, if they chose to. Even if a player didn't choose to bot, they would still benefit from people who did bot if they chose to trade.

This system is being offered with these facts in mind, as a compromise between authenticity and usability. If players would not like to benefit from users who can make lots of certificates very quickly, they will have to make their own choice not to receive certs from other players, the same as in 2018 RSC when trading with potential botters. The only difference is that this system is officially endorsed by the server owners, instead of being tacitly allowed by inaction.

It is considered to be not a great sacrifice to authenticity to me to implement this system for these reasons, but I still do wish that members of the Open RSC server will some day be able to embrace not having this system. The code for not having the system will of course continue to exist in the project, but it seems like there is currently no strong justification for an official strict RSCP server — without Rab certs — hosted by us to exist, since it does split our userbase.

What will happen to existing notes? What will the transition period look like?

We will treat existing Notes as untradable items. You will not be able to create new notes or trade them with other players, but if you have existing notes in your inventory, you will be able to deposit them into your bank. Notes as a concept will continue to exist in the Open RSC codebase, so they can be expected to function correctly indefinitely; it will just not be possible to create new notes.

When Rab’s certing system is ready and implemented in Open RSC, we will create an announcement that you have 1 month remaining to get your affairs in order (trade between accounts, organize your bank server-side, etc), after which we will stop players from creating new notes on the Open RSC server.

After a period of 2 years, if we discover that Notes still exist in some player’s inventory, those items will be removed, possibly by manually depositing the items into players banks, or we might just delete them, depending on the circumstance. We would not like accounts holding unobtainable items to become somehow rare & desired.


While it should be considered a matter of game integrity to remove the notes, make Open RSC more authentic, improve perceptions of the server as not being an RS2 clone, & avoid needlessly splitting our community by launching a separate RSC Preservation server, we are accepting feedback from the community in the #orsc-general channel of the Open RSC discord regarding this matter.

— Logg

ORSC-5.5.2 (2020-11-01)

Bug Fixes

  • Tweaked accuracy bonus for lower level range items. Should be more forgiving.
  • Fixed an issue where XP drops weren't always showing on RSC Cabbage
  • Fixed poison to support wilderness poison PKing
  • Tweaked agility to be more strict after a certain point
  • Fixed "Bury All" batching to not include noted bones in the total count of bones to bury,
  • Corrected the dragon slayer quest complete text
  • Fixed Melzar's Maze escape doors
  • Fixed the Charge spell. It was implemented backwards.
  • Fixed poisoning to be more authentic
  • Added a "Nothing interesting happens" message when you try to use a noted item on a scenery object
  • Corrected the Thessalia NPC to work with scythes and bunny ears authentically
  • Changed herbs from muddy to undefined
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos Druids weren't dropping two herbs
  • Removed raw rat meat from the Witch's Potion rats' drop table
  • Players should no longer be blocked from speaking to one of the NPCs if they are standing outside of the store
  • Corrected admin command for spawning multiple items to players

RSC235 Compatibility

  • Added a method detect bad incoming data and re-sync ISAAC
  • Added a "stayin" command for mods that will keep mods from being auto logged out while on an authentic client
  • Trying to talk on tutorial island will no longer crash authentic clients
  • Fixed handling of doors and webs
  • Fixed the length of opcode 111c


  • Changed the ::tp command so that you no longer appear right on top of the player you are teleporting to
  • The "Dropping X/Y" message will no longer show on servers without batching or when dropping a stack
  • Updated the Halloween cracker to include the pestilence and fox masks
  • Added an admin command to perform Halloween world drops supporting scythes and Halloween crackers as well as updated command documentation
  • Added the ability to completely opt out of Global friend feature

Core Framework

  • Added a QoL opt-out feature so that players can chose to disable quality of life features and play more authentically

ORSC-5.5.1 (2020-10-22)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the logout timer so that you can no longer be stuck in combat indefinitely. Players should always be logged about by the 5 (or 10 if on Cabbage) minute movement timer no matter what.
  • Updated the Entrana item list to be more accurate to original RSC
  • Tightened up some NPC and item spawns
  • Fixed Witch's House
  • Fixed up timing and packet order on thieving
  • Fixed up timing on mining
  • Retreat sound effect now plays when you run away from an NPC
  • Fixes an issue where dying to "nothing" would cause you to enter a zombie state
  • Players can now cook Ugthanki meat

RSC235 Compatibility

  • Began utilizing the sendExperience opcode instead of only the sendStat one.


  • Added a button for Items Kept on Death (can be found in the equipment screen) and removed the text button from the settings menu
  • Restored the "Dropping x/y" message that was removed forever ago. This will show when you click "Drop All" or "Drop X."
  • Added "Arrow Shafts" tab to the fletching skill guide and added how many shafts you get when fletching a type of log. Also added the name of each skill cape to the guide (instead of just "Cape") and fixed a typo in the Thieving guide.
  • Brimhaven cart can only be ridden if you complete Shilo Village

ORSC-5.5.0 (2020-10-06)

RSC235 Compatibility

  • The OpenRSC server is now compatible with the RSC235 protocol, meaning that you can now use RSC+ to connect and play! (Thanks, Logg!) The Cabbage world is custom, and therefore not currently supported.

Android Client Updates

  • When an update is needed, the app will now redirect you to the website to download the new APK instead of trying to update itself.
  • The ::wiki command will now work on mobile! For example, if you type "::wiki rune pickaxe" in the chat, the Rune pickaxe wiki page will open in your default browser.
  • The side menu on Cabbage will now disappear when you open the keyboard and reappear when you close it (if you had it showing in the first place).
  • On phones that allow it, the navigation bar will now be hidden until you swipe from the side to reveal it. (This is an experimental feature, let us know if you encounter any bugs with it.)

Bug Fixes

  • Removed the trade option from Shantay Pass guards
  • Fixed an inauthentic timing on flax spinning
  • Players can now teleport while ranging
  • Fixed a bug where you could only uncert from your inventory in the bank UI once per client lifetime
  • Fixed an issue where the Withdraw options would always show on the authentic bank menu, even if there was nothing in the bank to withdraw.
  • Fixed some peculiar mage arena behavior
  • Fixed an issue where you could use noted tools while harvesting or fishing
  • Fixed an issue where your client would crash if you tried to add a friend with a name that begins with the "-" or "_" characters
  • Runecraft skillguide now shows correct level requirements for cursed and enfeebled talismans
  • Removed a duplicate item spawn in a house in Brimhaven


  • The bank limit has been increased to 240 items on Cabbage.
  • The apothecary will now empty potion vials or fill empty vials with water. Either service costs 50 gp per vial, and works on noted potions/vials.
  • You can now provide an argument to the ::kills command to show how many kills you have on a specific NPC (e.g. "::kills King Black Dragon"). The formatting of the original menu has also been changed to look nicer.
  • Pretty much every edible/drinkable item that heals you has been added to the Hits skillguide.

ORSC-5.4.8 (2020-08-29)

Bug Fixes

  • Ring of Wealth message no longer triggers on a "nothing" drop.
  • Clicking the "new captcha" button while sleeping now works properly on all screen sizes and mobile.
  • Added base prices to all custom tradable items (this fixes a dupe glitch that was occurring within shops).
  • Cursed and enfeebled talismans are no longer tradeable.
  • Made some small tweaks to leather armor.
  • Level up achievements will now be logged at level 80 and above for 1x accounts/worlds. These levels ups will show on the website homepage.


  • Added new chainmail legs for all metal tiers. Boots can be worn while wearing chain legs.

Core Improvements

  • Reverted the mod command structure to re-enable aliases.

ORSC-5.4.4 (2020-07-28)

Bug Fixes

  • Force players to log out when a ping timeout occurs, after 30 seconds (players should no longer get stuck online when this occurs).
  • Ring of Wealth has been adjusted. It now will provide an extra roll when you initially roll 'nothing'. It no longer removes all empty drops.
  • Agility failure rates on the Barbarian and Wilderness courses have been adjusted to fail less frequently based on data from replays.
  • Allow magic to be cast while in combat with enemies that are normally not attackable (ex: Shapeshifter).
  • Gold drops now use the proper code, and will drop accurately.
  • Add Rare Drop Table to Shadow Warrior NPCs.
  • Shops now allow purchasing of non-stacked items up to the full inventory.
  • New characters are now created with 1000 hp.
  • The Fishing Guild shop is now a specialty shop, as it was authentically.
  • Add pipe and forward slash to permitted chat characters.
  • Force minimum client size to authentic constraints.
  • Fix message on gnome gliders when attempting to 'fly' them.
  • Skeleton NPCs around the wilderness agility course have been replicated with the correct count.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs that shouldn't chase you were chasing.

Core Improvements

  • Rate limiting on packets has been adjusted to 50 packets per second.
  • Added a configurable option to allow/disallow players to create characters with 'mod' in the name. This is toggled to disallow by default.
  • Added a command for Super Mods and Admins to change the name of characters. The target character must be logged out. Note that changing a character's name may affect things on the website and other players' friendslists.

ORSC-5.4.3 (2020-07-19)

Bug Fixes

  • Spells can now hit a 0.
  • Players can now use magic against all the shapeshifter forms while in combat with it during Witch's House.
  • Shadow Warriors now drop more than just their bones.
  • Rare and Ultra Rare Drop Table rates have been slightly tweaked.
  • Blue wizards now drop the correct wizard hat
  • Player moderators are now visible to normal players in the online list.

Core Improvements

  • Reorganized the plugin folder hierarchy.
  • Rewrote the command infrastructure.

ORSC-5.4.2 (2020-07-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Players can now swap weapons while in all types of combat
  • Fixed a plugin crash caused by clicking away from Mum
  • Fixed a crash with NPC retreats when the opponent has been removed
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the Forgot Password button
  • Fixed an issue where hobgoblins weren't dropping limpwurt roots
  • Fixed a bug where the guard wouldn't catch people who were stealing cakes
  • Replaced missing custom scenery/objects that were lost in the migration to JSON
  • Quest NPCs that have death conditions (Count Draynor, Delrith, ect.) are now able to be killed properly
  • Added a check for a null script context, fixes some plugins crashing.
  • Fixed Gnome waiter menu options (trade/pickpocket)
  • Removed King Lathas trade option
  • Fixed a bug where the auction house couldn't be refreshed by some
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't swap weapons while in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where you had to wait a long time in between attempting to cut the webs in the Wilderness
  • Fixed an issue where stat draining NPCs would cause an infinite loop (specifically Kolodion and Salarin)


  • Fishing spots now have a lower chance to turn into a pebble
  • Teddy parts must be brought to the child before you can stitch them
  • Can no longer get stuck behind lockpick doors if fatigued.
  • Ensure all players show in the count when doing ::online regardless of privacy setting
  • Removed some naughty words from the sleep words list

Core Improvements

  • Synchronized game objects to ensure they cannot be accessed by multiple threads at once
  • Batching now checks your position to make sure you haven't moved during the batch (special checks for Firemaking also)
  • Plugins are now interrupted on trade initiation.
  • Changed the location where the 'helped_femi' cache key is removed
  • Removed jsoup as it was causing anti-virus programs to flag the launcher.
  • Removed an unneeded attribute from Demon Slayer

ORSC-5.4.1 (2020-06-30)


  • Re-enable the auction house. Happy trading!
  • A relative of yours is looking for you in Lumbridge! (Custom content miniquest has been released)

Bug Fixes

  • Players can now load multiple clients without the ports becoming broken for the previously loaded client.
  • Logging out with ::mod or ::dev active will now disable the commands.
  • Fix a problem with Balrog drops.
  • Players can no longer trade while in combat.
  • Fix a client crash when buying or selling X to the store.
  • Ensure players do not sell or buy 0.
  • Correct the behaviour of the bank vault gate.
  • Respawning NPCs now always face north.
  • The game will now message you if you attempt to pick up an item while in combat.
  • Preset loading now occurs more rapidly.


  • The auction house now requires a minimum of 100 skill total to use.
  • The auction house now has rate limits to avoid complications with exchanging items.
  • Users may not log out for 5 seconds after performing an auction interaction.
  • Limit packet spam to a subset of all packets.
  • Add additional safety checks to various packet handlers.
  • Adjust some of the NPC definitions to have more consistent organization.
  • Abstract object definitions to JSON format.

ORSC-5.4.0 (2020-06-24)

Bug Fixes

  • Authentic cooking now has 1 less tick to cook items.
  • When talking to NPCs, they will now only face you if they want to talk to you.
  • Staff commands now work from the online list.
  • Fix a bug where an exception occurred on the server when discord auction updates were disabled.
  • Fix issues with shop quantities when buying and selling items.
  • Ensure staff see proper locations when using ::onlinelist.
  • Ensure the player is teleported properly when caught by guards during the Tourist Trap quest.
  • Trufitus no longer says "Well, just let me see the item and I'll help as much as I can." twice.
  • Find ceril properly after being teleported upstairs during the Hazeel Cult quest.
  • Ensure when we try to find an npc, if they are busy, we don't crash.
  • As per authentic play, when fatigued a pickaxe now shows above the players head.
  • Add two pieces of food to the "never burn" list.
  • Ensure that after Scorpion Catcher the Seer does not say "Many greetings" to the player.
  • Attempt to fix a thread deadlock in combat.


  • Core delay function now uses tick timing instead of milliseconds to calculate thread pause.
  • Core mes function no longer calls delay.
  • Ensure game events are run prior to updating packets to send to the client.
  • Ground item locations and npc locations are now stored in JSON on the server, instead of within the database.
  • Use UUID object for the player's unique ID instead of a string.
  • Ensure when auction house is disabled it is impossible to send auction house commands to the server.

Known Bugs

  • We are working on a fix for a bug found when using 3rd party tools to interact at inhuman speeds with the auction house.

ORSC-5.3.0 (2020-06-19)


  • Runecraft has been updated to allow casting curse and enfeeble on existing talismans! When casting curse on a talisman, you will gain 2x experience from crafting runes and the talisman will crumble. When casting enfeeble on a talisman, you will gain 5x experience from crafting runes, and the talisman will explode dealing damage to you and causing your current runecraft stat to deplete.
  • Fish may now be ground using a pestle and mortar to create a stackable item, Fish Oil! This oil can be used to create Runecraft potions (useful for restoring your lost runecraft from enfeebled talismans), and can also be eaten. Two Runecraft potions are available, by using marrentil or by using avantoe as a base. When fish oil is eaten, it will provide a 50% chance of healing 1 hits. Different fish will provide different quantities of fish oil. Only certain fish may be ground, so be sure to experiment and see which reward fish oil.

Bug Fixes

  • Goblin Guards now drop big bones instead of normal bones.
  • Shantay's chest object no longer shows the shantay message on variants outside of Al Kharid.
  • The ::onlinelist command now properly shows other players for staff.
  • Auditing of many more quest-specific mob locations, timers, and behaviour.
  • Regular wool may now be used to entertain cats.
  • Tasty kebab now has a thinkbubble associated with eating it.
  • Mobs are now killed only once when attacked with specific circumstances.
  • Fix some dialog bugs introduced with the recent major audits.
  • Shops now handle buying and selling more efficiently, and provide the correct coin for items.
  • Shops now stock a maximum of 65535 of one item stack.
  • Plugins now only load once per class, ensuring bugs like double-shop are squashed.
  • Fix a bug that made the JSON library complain on computers running JDK 8.


  • Fishing spots now deplete more frequently, but also respawn at a quicker rate.
  • Repeat times are now adjusted to a more reasonable count.
  • The ::onlinelist command now shows readable locations for staff.
  • Rune essence is now renamed to Rune stone through the code.
  • Unidentified herbs now have unique sprites.
  • Soft clay making is now batched.
  • Lockpicking doors will now batch until successful.
  • Skill guides now display additional details for harvested food and Runecraft talismans.

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