Alt Etiquette

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The term Alt Etiquette refers a general set of guidelines which players should try to follow. 'Alts' or 'alternate accounts', is a term referring to additional characters a player uses, most commonly utilized for the purpose of helping to gather resources for their main account.

OpenRSC and RSC Cabbage do not have a policy against using Alt accounts other than a limit of 10 active players at a time per person. There are no restrictions on interactions between the characters, other than the

For reference, guidelines on appropriate behavior are listed below:

  • Players should not take up training spots with an alt if they are competing for the spot with another players main account. Players should attempt to find other spots for their alt if another person would like to use the spot they are at.
  • For 'shared resources' (for example mining rocks) don't bring in more accounts then the training spot can comfortably support. This implies both resources as interface limitations (for some dialogue an NPC is set to 'busy' when one player is talking, thereby temporarily 'blocking' another player from progressing)