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There are Bank Presets available as a quality of life feature on the RSC Cabbage server. These allow a player to quickly set up and select inventory and equipped slot load outs. Using these presets makes actions such as skilling, gearing up for PVM, and bank depositing much faster. In the top right corner of the bank interface, there are 2 boxes labelled '1' and '2', and a cog symbol. Using the 1 and 2 buttons will let you quickly load your bank presets, while the cog wheel symbol serves as the function to create and save presets.

General bank interface
Bank preset

In the example shown, preset slot 1 is active (highlighted in red), clicking the grey box that says 'preset slot 2' would active the other. To actually save to one of the slots, you click below where the text 'save current setup to this preset slot' shows.

Once set, you can now quickly load those presets by either clicking the '1' or '2' buttons, or - depending on device / operation system either just type 1 or 2, or Ctrl + 1 or Ctrl + 2.