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Say goodbye to endless repetitive clicking, and hello to a concept called 'batching'.

Basically, what it does, is repeat a certain tedious action for you. Some of it affects deeply how a skill is trained, some is just little neat help left and right.

The Batching Progress Bar can be toggled on or off in the General settings menu. The Batching window can be moved by right-click dragging its title bar.

Max number of repeat attempts For certain skills, like fishing, which goes on even with a full inventory, there eventually has to be a point where the repetition stops, or you'd be able to reach 99 in one go.

To define an upper limit on how many attempt cycles are run, there's a formula based on level:

  • 40 up to level 10
  • 60 from level 10 to level 19
  • 80 from level 20 to level 29
  • 100 from level 30 to level 39
  • 120 from level 40 to level 49
  • 140 from level 50 to level 59
  • 160 from level 60 to level 69
  • 180 from level 70 to level 79
  • 200 from level 80 to level 89
  • 230 from level 90 to level 99

Of course, some actions (like 'smelt steel bars') are limited by inventory capacity. It goes without saying those durations will be limited by inventory capacity.

No-experience actions

  • Picking flax
  • Filling vials or other water sources
  • Filling buckets with sand

Skill-training help

  • Making arrow shafts, headless arrow and arrows (up to 50 at a time)
  • Cutting and string bows (as many as inventory will hold)
  • Fishing - will continue to try catch a fish, even with full inventory
  • Smithing - smelting bars
  • Crafting - Spinning flax, cutting gems, making jewelry, stringing jewelry
  • Mining - Keep trying a rock as long as it doesn't deplete.
  • Woodcutting - Keep trying to chop a tree as long as it doesn't deplete.
  • Thieving - As long as the npc doesn't catch you.
  • Prayer - there's a right click 'bury all'
  • Herblaw - identifying herbs, putting herbs in vials, adding secondaries
  • Cooking - untill inventory runs out of raw/uncooked versions of the item

Note that:

  • for woodcutting and mining - they don't deplete as fast as they do in authentic, allowing the batching to take full effect.
  • fishing spots don't really 'deplete' or 'move around'. To break bottom attempts however, they occasionally turn into a rock for a brief period.