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Exp rates refers to the speed at which a player may expect to gain experience points during certain tasks. It should be noted that the information on this page refers only to the rates known to be achievable/humanly possible. The actual experience rates gained by a player will vary.

Open RSC 1x


50k xp/hr + 40k fishing xp/hr at level 80 harpoon fishing tuna and swordfish at the fishing guild, cooking fish at the nearby range, and then selling to the shop


80k xp/hr powercutting yew trees by seers village


650 logs can be chopped and lit in an hour at lumbridge near the air rune spawn. This yields 125.7k firemaking xp/hr at level 98, and a constant rate of 16.2k woodcutting xp/hr at all levels.


19.5k xp/hr picking flax and spinning bowstrings at the Tree Gnome Stronghold 27k xp/hr + 7.4k smithing xp/hr crafting unstrung silver symbols at Shilo Village


14k xp/hr + 14k mining xp/hr mining iron ore at port khazard, superheating into bars, then smithing into iron platebodies and selling to the shop nearby

RSC Cabbage (Default 5X)


Rates will be different for att/def/str, focused on a particular style, excluding HP)

Wilderness graveyard - 112k/hour (AFK)


Highly depending on spell used.

Assuming the player is able to manage to do 1500 casts per hour:

  • Crumble undead: 735k/hour
  • Camelot teleport: 825k/hour
  • High level alchemy: 975k/hour
  • Fire blast: 1035k/hour
  • Fire wave: 1275k/hour


  • 85k/hour at training camp ogres (adam arrows, 89 ranged)


  • Lobsters - 450k/hour at 90 fishing (not banking fish)
  • Swordfish and tuna - 610k/hour at 97 fishing (not banking fish)


  • Magic logs - 900k/hour at 98 firemaking.


  • Wilderness course - 260k/hour at 89 agi


  • Air runes - 55k/hour
  • Mind runes - 35k/hour
  • Water runes - 47k/hour
  • Earth runes - 58k/hour
  • Fire runes - 48k/hour
  • Body runes - 55k/hour
  • Chaos runes - 20k/hour
  • Cosmic runes - 41k/hour
  • Nature runes - 38k/hour (using shop method to unnote essence)