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Separate servers

There are currently two main servers online which are operated by the Open RSC staff and community, with more planned for the future.

  • OpenRSC (1x exp rate, close to authentic/original RSC, with minimal QoL updates)
  • RSC Cabbage (5x exp rate, much more QoL updates, batching and some additional content)

Before creating your account, pick carefully which server you want to play on, as there's no way to transfer accounts in between servers. Some prefer the authentic experience (and the grind is very real), other like it a bit easier. But even in cabbage, due to the nature of the experience formula, those last few levels are by no 'quick and easy'.

Account modes Ironman and additional account modes were implemented to RSC Cabbage in November 2019. When creating a new account, the player will be able to decide which account mode they would like to play. The options are as follows:

  • Regular Ironman: Unable to gain items from other players including methods via trade, drop trade, PVP, or through the Auction House.
  • Hardcore Ironman: The rules which apply to the regular Ironman are active on the Hardcore Ironman, however they are faced with the challenge of not dying. If a Hardcore Ironman account is killed by any means, it will be changed into a regular Ironman account.
  • Ultimate Ironman: The rules which apply to the regular Ironman are active on the Ultimate Ironman, however they are unable to access the bank, meaning that they must make careful use of their available inventory and equipment slots.

Ironman selection

Ironmen and quests

Some quests require trading items with a partner. In specific, Shield of Arrav and Heroes Quest.

For these quests, the items needed to be handed to ironman players are possible to give, not by TRADING but by USING the item on them, so they can complete the quests..