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  • Hide IP/Show IP - toggles player IP address visibility
  • Save - keeps username and password filled in


  • Camera angle mode - auto/manual
  • Mouse buttons - one/two - set to 'one' the right click menu opens for all actions besides walking
  • Sound effects - on/off
  • Batch Progress Bar - on/off - the 'Batching' window can be moved by right-click dragging.
  • Experience Drops - on/off
  • Show NPC killcount - on/off - Side Menu must be enabled to see all-monster kill counter. When on, will also show a message popup counter for most recent monster killed
  • Hide Roofs - on/off - zoom out distance is increased when toggled off
  • Fog - on/off - decreases viewing distance when turned on by obscuring distant areas in black fog
  • Ground Items - Show ALL/Hide ALL/Only Bones/No Bones - for toggling which ground items should be shown. Items will still drop but will not be visible to the player unless option is changed
  • Auto Message Switch - on/off - automatically switches between All messages/Chat history/Quest history/Clan history on new chat messages
  • Side Menu - on/off - displays Hitpoints, Prayer Points, and optionally kill counter on left side of screen
  • Kill Feed - on/off - toggles whether kill count will be updated on player page in hiscores
  • Combat Style - Controlled/Aggressive/Accurate/Defensive
  • Fightmode Selector - In Combat/Always/Never - toggles when melee style selector should be shown
  • Experience Counter - Recent/Always/Never - toggles when and if the XP progress bar should be shown. Double-clicking the experience counter opens the Experience Config Menu
  • Inventory Count - on/off - toggles inventory item count on inventory icon
  • Hide Login Box - yes/no - toggles whether 'You last logged in...' box is shown on login
  • Name and Clan Tag - on/off - toggles username and clan name visibility above players' sprites
  • Clan Invitation - receive/block - toggles whether clan invitations can be received
  • Party Invitation - receive/block - toggles whether party invitations can be received
  • Report Abuse


  • Block chat messages - on/off
  • Block private messages - on/off - if set to 'on', player will not appear on ::onlinelist but will still be counted in ::uniqueonline and ::wilderness lists
  • Block global messages - All/PKing/General/None - for blocking global chat sent via the ::g command
  • Block trade requests - on/off
  • Block duel requests - on/off
  • Display online list - shows list of players currently online. Also accessible via ::onlinelist player command. Does not show players with Block Private Messages set to 'on'. Right clicking names allows adding players to Friends list, Ignore list, or inviting them to a party


Note: only appears when playing on mobile

  • Hold-time for Menu - 1-12 (5 default) - time to long press to bring up right-click menu
  • Font Size - 1-7 (3 default)
  • Hold and Choose - on/off - if 'on' click will be performed on finger lift after longpressing
  • Swipe to Scroll - on/off
  • Swipe to Zoom - on/off
  • Swipe to Rotate - on/off
  • Volume buttons - Volume/Rotate/Zoom
  • Close inventory with menu - on/off - set to 'off' keeps inventory open while interacting with items