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Open RSC is the recreation of authentic RuneScape Classic using the Open RuneScape Classic source code. With a few minor Quality of Life additions to make the game more in line with modern versions of RuneScape, Open RuneScape Classic strives to keep authenticity in mind while also making sure the game remains playable for users used to quicker paced gaming.

Custom Features

The custom features in Open RSC serve to make the game easier to play for those in the community. They are considered "quality of life" updates, and only marginally affect the overall gameplay. The custom features were voted on by the community prior to be added to the game.

They include:

  1. Bank notes for ease of trade and bank arrangement;
  2. Right-click trade and bank on npcs to avoid long dialogue for a high frequency action;
  3. Uncerting directly to the bank in the bank interface to avoid hundreds of trips to and from certers;
  4. Zooming view;
  5. Resizing the client;
  6. Global friend chat accessible through the friend menu;
  7. Player commands for basic online lists and other data;
  8. Bank pins for account security;
  9. Custom GroupID display to show admin, mod, and other roles;
  10. Keyboard shortcuts for quicker menu accessibility;
  11. Fatigue skilling differences to allow players to skill up to 100% of their fatigue; and
  12. Android compatibility.


RSC+ ( is an authentic RSC client that supports game client recordings from a network level, replaying of recordings, world switching, and various overlays for information display. RSC+ was first released in January of 2016 during the last official reopening of RuneScape Classic. The Open RSC server is now authentic enough that the RSC+ client can connect to the server and play the game again! More information on how to use it to connect may be found here: