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The Party system is a feature available on the RSC Cabbage server. It allows players to join together and share XP, loot, as well as access a chat which is only visible to players in the party.

Inviting players to the party

Players are able to invite one another to a party via the "Online list" menu, which can be accessed a few different ways:

  • By typing the ::onlinelist command into chat
  • By clicking the button accessed via the settings menu on the toolbar
  • On Android: an 'online list' button comes up when you load the keyboard, which pre-fills the '::onlinelist' command in chatbox

Players are invited from this menu by right-clicking on the name of the player they want to invite, and then selecting the 'invite to party' option. This will send a confirmation dialog to the invited player, and they will be able to accept or decline, unless the invited player has toggled 'receive party invitations' to 'block' on the general settings interface tab.

Once successfully in a party, all party members will see an overlay on left side of game screen showing party members, and their combat level + HP meters. This overlay can be moved around by Right-clicking the rectangle which says "Party" and dragging it.

Party chat

If the player wants to send chat messages directly to other party members, they can enter a `::p' or '::party' prefix in front of their message. Only party members will be able to see these messages.

Setting experience sharing and loot sharing

The party leader is shown with a yellow crown next to their name. They may toggle party options by left-clicking the 'party' button on the top left of the game screen, which will open up the party interface menu. Experience sharing and loot sharing can be toggled on and off via this menu. In the current version of RSC Cabbage, the setting is applied to all members in the party-- there is no individual opt-in or opt-out setting, although one has been requested.

Any changes to the settings are displayed as chat messages to every member of the party.

One key feature is that combat experience does not get shared. Attack/Defence/Strength/Hitpoints/Prayer/Ranged/Magic exp is not split between party members. This potentially lets players in combat benefit from skilling accounts in the party, without contributing experience themselves.

Because of this, it is possible to use a skilling account to 'feed' extra exp to a main account in combat.

Leaving a party

To leave a party, a player may:

  • Log out
  • Click the 'party' button on top left interface, and in the interface select the 'leave party' option

Should the party leader leave, the next player in the party is given 'party leadership', and will then have the permissions necessary to toggle the party settings.